About Johanna Jansen’s Time Mine

Johanna Jansen was born in a warm and cosy, messy and cluttered household in The Netherlands. Her parents have always been living in homes that needed some work, and they mostly do the work themselves, so there are always stacks of building material and tools laying around. On top of that, they have some awkward collections. At the age of 7, Johanna was granted a room of her own. She vowed it would never be messy and cluttered.

Johanna’s childhood consisted of making charts and lists. She captured recurring routines in the songs that were playing on the radio, she kept track of her baby sisters’ developmental stages and she was monitoring her own thoughts about her future. Johanna discovered patterns behind the events in the world around her, providing her with some needed structure. She also kept track of projects she took on, like building delta wings and sowing a design wardrobe for her dolls, because by the looks of it, her parents’ work on the house never finished, and open loops she finds disturbing.

It was her appreciation of the logic in the living world that made Johanna decide to get a Master degree in Biology, and accepting a job as a sustainability expert at the Dutch Ministry of the Environment after that. It would be her responsibility to formulate sustainable policy, yet Johanna soon realised that she would only be sincere in this ambition, if she was to manage her time, energy, and the Dutch tax payers’ money sustainably, too, so Johanna challenged the way she worked, and discovered even more interesting mechanisms, as well as solutions to clutter, overwhelm and procrastination.

So please enjoy her view on productivity, minimalism, keeping commitments and quality of life and work. You are warmly invited to comment on it, too!