Busy & Time Poor High Achievers

‘If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude’ -Dr. Maya Angelou

Work is busy, and so is life. The key is being organised and in control, so you can focus on your commitments and also know exactly what you are not doing. This way, you can develop an authentic career or business and progress on your personal path, too, beyond today’s to do’s.

Johanna Jansen offers:

  • a high impact pressure cooker one on one training to learn an intuitive and practical method to optimise your work flow and prioritise effortlessly

And if you like it, Johanna is happy to:

  • present this approach to your colleagues or staff in an energetic plenairy session
  • or treat your colleagues or staff with a practical training or workshop

‘Johanna inspired me and the insights gained during the program were so useful and applicable to my work. Johanna’s style was just right for me: practical, creative and concise’ Nienke Wiersma –  Mediation Plus

‘Johanna’s enthusiasm, dedication and authority truly brought her message across in front of our senior audience’ Lizet Hoekstra MSc – Netherlands Central Government

Please, contact Johanna here.

‘Do or not do. There is no Try’ – Yoda