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By johannatime On August 11, 2014 Under Quality of Life and Work

Do you have a boring office? That’s good. Because boring will not distract you. In an environment that is clear and clean, calm and quiet, consistent and predictable, you can focus on your priority without the overwhelm and excitement. Save the noise for your Friday afternoon drinks.

You may have heard of ‘clean calm and consistent’ as a parenting principle? Professionals, in this regard, are similar to children. I would even argue that this triple C thing is more relevant to an office worker than anything else, if you care about your productivity. As a professional, you need a supportive environment, just like a child, however, you need to get things done, and some more!


Needless to say I’m talking about an organised office here. A clear desk, clean air, no stuff lying around on the floor, and an organised filing system, too. A clear environment helps you to focus and concentrate on what matters. It avoids distraction. And it is lots healthier if your office is clean, too, clear from dust.

If your office cannot be qualified as ‘clear’, go ahead and declutter and clean it, or have that done by a professional.


How is your schedule? Are your meetings planned back to back with supernatural travel times and no lunch breaks? Make sure you have a realistic schedule and avoid rushing at all times. You can always hurry in an emergency but please don’t plan to!

If you are really busy, step back for a moment and see if this is just busy work. It is? Step further back and get out of that trap. It never helped anyone.


By consistent I mean predictable and following routines. If you process your e-mail the same way all the time, that gives a lot of mental space, because you don’t have to think about how to do it. Also, reviewing your work and commitments daily and/or weekly, adds predictability to your work day.

What about spontaneity?

Of course, you want to be flexible and you want to have fun, too. But do you want that at the cost of your productivity? Do you want the party to cause you overwhelm and stress? I guess you don’t. In fact, by being organised and in control, you can actually affort to be spontaneous when you want to.  If your office environment were, a party would only cause trouble.

So what do you think, are your surroundings and office routines clear, calm and consistent? Please comment below:

Johanna Jansen


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