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By johannatime On September 8, 2013 Under Quality of Life and Work

Yesterday, I was at an incredible event: TEDxCanberra. The best presenters presenting their best talks on stage at the best theatre in town, in front of an audience that was committed enough to get their tickets before they sold out on the day they went on sale. It was breathtakingly amazing and every one of us felt they were part of something unique.

Pulling off an event like TEDx is creating perfect momentum. For months, people and things have been moving gradually in the right direction to eventually make things happen at the exact right time in the exact right way. TEDx is big. Yet momentum also happens on a small scale: in my life, and in yours.

Let’s investigate the necessary ingredients of momentum:

Movement: Monentum hides in things that are already in motion, because you care about them. You’re less likely to find momentum in those ‘frozen’ projects you didn’t touch for a long time. When new developments happen, opportunities open up.

Commitment: When you care about something, you give it attention. And those are the things that grow. Growth is motion (see above) and it simply increases the chance of opportunity and momentum

Organisation: Well sorted things are easy to get to, comfortable to handle and fun to work on. A good organisation of your work will give you a clear view of it’s status and you’ll find it easy to determine next steps. And then things start to move (see above)

A clear outcome: When you can focus on a specific desired result, you will not get distracted. And when you can articulate your desired result and explain it to others, you’ll all be working towards the same goal. Clear communication increases commitment (see above)

Timing: Needless to say, but if all the above don’t quite happen in timely coordination, there will be no momentum but chaos. Timing simply means that things happen at their right time, and you and your team can make them happen then, as long as you are clear about the outcome, have a neat organisation, feel committed and things are moving.

You may not have the ambition to pull off an event like TEDxCanberra yesterday. But I’m sure creating momentum in your work and life would make it a bit more fun and surely more satisfying.

So here’s a little checklist for your daily dose of momentum in simple life:

  • Start with things that are happening anyway, and synchronise them with your life
  • Have a strong belief in the necessity of your outcome. Picture and verbalise why it is important. Be specific about what it exactly is you want to achieve and why
  • Be accountable, and if you can’t do it on your own, ask someone to hold you accountable. You could even use Facebook: ‘tomorrow, I’ll get up at 6 am, anyone joining me?’
  • Be committed to achieve your outcome, so you prioritise accordingly (getting up at 6 am works fine when you get to bed early, too)
  • Be serious about your deadlines. Even cooking a meal works better when you set yourself a realistic yet challenging deadline

I didn’t even mention the things I learned yesterday that inspired me. The eye-opening stories, tears and laughs. It puts my life in a fresh perspective, yet again creating movement, commitment and accountability. Do you have momentum in your life? How do you create it? I’d love to hear your story, so please share it in the comments below:

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