Don’t organise for the sake of organising

By johannatime On May 22, 2014 Under Quality of Life and Work

Why would you organise your life? Why would you label your folders? Why have an empty inbox every day? For the sake of a clean desk can’t be a goal in itself. Because it feels good doesn’t apply to everyone; many professionals have a high chaos tolerance. So let me explain the point of organising your work.

Organising your space, your work, your time:

By organising your environment, you build a foundation for taking control of your life. You eliminate distractions, you gain focus and you get ‘on top of it’, so you can start being proactive. By being proactive, you make decisions, rather than having decisions made for you eiter by others or by time pressure. Rather than keeping up with everyone else’s pace, a proactive professional will set the pace for themselves. They will experience less stress and do more in less time. So what is the point of that? Why is it good to do more in less time?

Being productive, doing more in less time:

Doing more with less time gives you more time to stop and think. It allows you to do the things you do really well and deliver high quality work. Since you have organised your work nicely, you have less difficulty prioritising, because you know what needs to get done first. I totally agree, there’s no point at all to just do more. It’s in the ‘less time’ where the value lies: Being productive is only sensible if it buys you time. Not if it just gets you more things done. So what to do with time? Doing more with less time buys you reflection moments. Without these moments, you’d be running around like a chook with it’s head cut off, locked inside the busy trap. When you’re caught in there, you are too busy to see that what you’re busy with is not what you should be busy with, and you’ll experience a lot of stress as a result.

Reflection time for doing the right things, rather than doing things right:

It would be incredibly ineffective to do irrelevant things very efficiently. Your time would be addressed to creating nonsense. Basically, this is exactly what happens to people locked inside the busy trap. So the point of reflection time is to let your subconscious ponder and make you aware of what matters most. There is a purpose in what you do. There’s a drive behind your decisions. There are values behind your motivation. Reflection time will empower you to address that energy and get the right things done. The things that get you further, the things that truly matter.

So in short:

By organising your surroundings you get a clear view and gain control and focus so you can get more done in less time. Getting more done in less time relieves your stress and enables you to reflect. A stressed mind will not reflect, it’ll just think: ‘let’s get back to work’ (busy trap). And stressfree reflection is needed to become aware of and make sound decisions about the goals you want to manifest. Professionally and personally.

And call me a hippie, but that’s what makes people happy and satisfied about their lives.

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Johanna Jansen

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