Habit of the month April: Create extra time and never be late

By johannatime On April 1, 2015 Under The Habit of the Month

The habit of this month will increase your productivity as well as keep you calm around stressful and time sensitive moments, when everybody else is in a hurry. Maybe you know that feeling, that you don’t want to be late for a meeting or an appointment. But also, you don’t want to be early and sitting there waiting and wasting your time. So you squeeze an errand in and you’re late again. The habit of the month April will solve that problem and it can be adopted effortlessly.

In fact, there are two habits involved, but they’re combined:

  1. Allocating plenty of time for getting to your meeting or appointment. You will be early from now on. Initially, it will feel like uncomfortably early.
  2. Bringing a task to get done in that gap.

And here’s the trick: you bring one task and you get it done.

If you’d bring a stack to read, you’d just be overwhelmed by the options. If you’d bring it ‘just in case’, you probably prefer chatting to someone else who happens to be around, early, too. This habit is different and very simple:

  • When you go a meeting or an appointment, you decide what you want to get done in the gap between being early and the start of the meeting.
  • You plan to be early enough to get it done.
  • You don’t do anything else, just that task.
  • Because you have a fixed deadline for your task (the beginning of your meeting), you’re more likely to get it done within that time gap. You will be incredibly productive.

Not all tasks are suitable, but there’s a few types of activities that are:

  • Reading;
  • Brainstorming or mindmapping about a plan;
  • Googling (if you have access to the internet) for specific information;
  • Writing (and sending) an e-mail or message.

The benefits of this habit are obvious yet incredibly worthwhile:

  • From now on, you get the stress out of being on time for meetings and appointments;
  • Also, timing is less sensitive, you will be more flexible;
  • You get some work done alongside your meetings;
  • You feel in control;
  • Nobody is annoyed. You are not, because you’ve got something to do whilst waiting, others are not because you are on time.

Are you always in a hurry? Or are you irritated by others who are late? Please let me know if this habit works for you in the comments below:

Johanna Jansen


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