Habit of the month November: Obey your biorhythm

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Your grandmother may have told you so: there is a good time for everything. Well, bless your nana’s wisdom, because she was right. Ironically, I’m now writing this post in my after lunch dip, where I shoud’ve done it this morning, because my mornings are a good time for writing.

Patterns in nature

For as long as life exists on earth, it has adapted to regular cycles in sunlight intensity, weather and temperature. In a slow pace, through the passing of the seasons, as well as on a daily basis, with the sun rising each morning, and setting at night. Your schedule in the office hardly resembles a caveman’s life, however, some things never changed: there is still a day, a sun, humans, and things that need to get done. And like it or not, your body and your mind are hard wired to follow the planet’s routines, not the other way around.

The habit this month, therefore, is to

O B E Y   Y O U R   B I O R H Y T H M

Your other option is to resist and struggle.

Your energy

The energy you have available to do your activities and to complete your tasks, will fluctuate during the day. It’s quite a predictable variable, because it is syncronised with the sun. It is different for everyone, so I cannot advise you at what time you need to plan your most demanding tasks. Some people rise early and some don’t. Some work best between 11 pm and 3 am, others don’t. But for each individual, it’s always been the same, and it always will be, so it is worthwhile to figure out your biorhythm and get most out of your day.

Your personal schedule

In as little as 5 steps, you can work out a better way to plan your day. If you have any freedom to choose your activities, this will earn you time, energy and joy, so when you’re ready, grab a note pad and start journaling:

  1. When do you feel most energetic? And when do you get tired? Do you have a daily creative high and social peaks? At what time(s) during the day are you physically strong? Particularly when you (and your employer) are often violating your biorhythm, you’ll know the exact answers to these questions.
  2. Now go ahead and draft a rough schedule. Allow yourself to have seasonal variations, too. No need to pinpoint activities to exact times, a rough guideline will do the trick, e.g.: early mornings for study, lunchtime for social activities, late afternoons for exercise.
  3. You will now have to test your new schedule for a while and adjust wherever needed. You’ll probably need to simplify it.
  4. Pay extra attention to the parts of your new schedule that work and take them to the next level by setting new routines for them.
  5. Plan the rest of your day around your set routines. It could be an hour of yoga at 6 am or reading professional articles on your 10 o’clock coffee break. These will become your sacred hours of the day. Keep evaluating to stay alert to guard and protect your windows of personal power time.

I advise you to stick with only one or two routines per day to start with, your daily exercise for example. When you make a strong but simple start, it is much easier to expand this biorhythm approach to the rest of your day when you are ready for more. Do not make life more complicated. Instead, simplify!

I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a personal schedule that syncs with your energy levels? Would you like to share some thoughts? Please comment below:

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