How to increase the value of your time

By johannatime On August 25, 2013 Under Productivity vs Procrastination

Some people say time is (like) money. Not exactly true if you’d ask me, because everybody has the same amount of time, i.e. 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Also, unlike money, time cannot be saved: Time will pass and then it is gone. So I would say time is more valuable than money. There are, however,  important similarities between how you could handle time and money.

Spending time

Time goes by anyway, so you’d better do something with it. Spending time is making a conscious choice to be somewhere instead of somewhere else, doing this instead of that. You can spend time at home, at work, or raking your yard, because it needs to be done. When things just stay the same in a status quo, you are clearly just spending your time. Change can be disturbing, so just spending your time is a convenient way of life, for some.

Wasting time

When your life is changing for the worse, you are wasting your time. When you wish you were fit and still you choose to watch television instead of working out, you are decreasing the quality of your life. Moreover, you are strengthening habits that will enforce a development for the worse. Wasting time happens when you lack the will power to make conscious choices. You can waste time on hanging out with the wrong people, on staying awake when you should be sleeping, or on traveling by car (even though it takes you there faster), when you could be riding your bike and work out at the same time, or traveling by public transport and read at the same time.

Investing time

When you make a conscious choice to do exactly those things that will take you to a next level as a person, as a professional, you are investing your time. When your time is limited, everything that can also be done by someone else, who’s time is worth less dollars than yours, should not be done by you. This applies to life at the office: the assistant does the photocopying, not the director, and it applies to your personal life: if you are working every day, and you want to invest time in being with your family, you hire someone to do your cleaning and vacuuming, unless you truly enjoy doing it yourself, of course. A typical and very rewarding time investment, also, is adapting to good habits. Every minute that is taken up to improve the quality of your life and your work, is a time investment. Often, organising this takes time, but keep in mind this is an investment, not a waste!

Increasing the value of your time

So by being mindfull of your time, you can increase the value of your moments a hundred fold when you start making the right decisions about investing them. Generally, you cannot go wrong with investments in:

  • Your health (food, exercise, sleep, peace of mind)
  • Your personal and professional development
  • Relationships with valued people (family, friends, neigbours)

So can you eliminate activities from your schedule that keep you from moving forward? What activities should you execute a little more in order to experience an increase in quality of work and life? Please share in the comments below:

Johanna Jansen

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