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Virtually, a project can look and feel like an untakable hurdle. Your brain is a creative system that can and will come up with the most horrific scenarios when trying to bring a project to a conclusion. That is why people procrastinate. However, a project is actually a series of small steps leading towards a specific end result. And that is all.

A step by step guide

In case things are not moving forward, you can unlock the status quo by asking these two simple questions:

  1. What is my desired outcome?
  2. What is the first thing I can do now to move an inch closer to that outcome?

Your desired outcome or result must be articulated specifically enough for you to be able to know when it is done. Also, for assigning actions to yourself, you must be able to imagine yourself

  • doing it
  • and finishing it
  • in 30 minutes or less

Why this works

Whatever you have on your plate will stay there if you don’t find or create momentum to bring the task to a conclusion. Finding momentum is great: you can’t wait to get started and you’ll get it done. If you can’t find any momentum, you’ll have to create it. Creating momentum is done by simply taking the next action step, and then another one, maybe some more, until finally, you’ll get your project going and you finish the work. Even if you didn’t find any momentum along the way, you’ll still be moving towards conclusion eventually.


This approach works in all areas of life that are within your own control:

  • If you need to write a report or a book, your first step might be grabbing a good coffee and creatively brainstorm some ideas for your writing task.
  • If you’d love to get fit, from your lazy spot you could google a personal trainer in your area and book an appointment with them.
  • If you desire to pay off a debt, your first task may be finding bank statements about the actual amount and agreeing with yourself to not let that figure grow.
  • If you crave more family time and a better work/life balance, you could schedule a family outing to a local event, today.

Are you ever procrastinating? Or do you already apply this technique? Please share your thoughs and ideas in the comments below:

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