Ode to Discipline

By johannatime On February 14, 2013 Under Quality of Life and Work


When I’m training clients to adopt sane working habits, they often say: ‘but a lot of discipline would be needed for that’. As if therefore it is hardly possible. As if discipline is something you’re born with or not. As if something is not a sustainable solution if discipline is needed. As if discipline is a problem. Well, discipline is inevitable if there is anything substantial you’d like to achieve. That’s a lot more of a rewarding lifestyle than just doing whatever and going nowhere. Personally, I cannot imagine anyone in the world was ever led a succesful and fulfilled life without some portion of discipline added to it.

Discipline is not all that bad, let’s explore:

  • Discipline is nothing more than ‘just do it’
  • Discipline is allowing  the comfort and predictability of a regular schedule into your life
  • Discipline is training yourself into a routine
  • Discipline is doing something (for your own good) that you don’t really like, but you do it anyway
  • Discipline is applying a routine rule without overthinking and questioning it’s relevance every time
  • Discipline is the stage of getting into a new habit where it is not a habit yet
  • Discipline is personal leadership and personal followership combined
  • Discipline is the path to mastery
  • Discipline is growing your character stronger
  • Discipline in the future may feel uncomfortable; discipline in the present or past satisfies. You will not regret it

Discipline + Purpose = Commitment

Discipline is, for anyone who wants to change their old ways, the only way. It should be celebrated, cultivated, embraced as a pathway to achieving your goals.

There is nothing wrong with discipline. And what does discipline mean to you? Please share in the comments below:

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