Road to satisfaction part two: a five step procedure to get on track

By johannatime On December 16, 2012 Under Quality of Life and Work

An e-mail seems more urgent when it just came in, than when it took you a week get to it, and nothing happened in the meantime. So judging the urgency of an incoming e-mail by its look and feel, will just let you chase whatever comes in and be overwhelmed by the emergency room called inbox. You will be busy all day and not get anything done, and since e-mail will never stop, you will be trapped in an ongoing process. Wanna get out? Please follow the procedure below:

  1. Write down principles about what is important in your life (responsibilities, goals, your life purpose) and read them back regularly
  2. Weigh whatever comes your way against these principles (and you’ll know what they are, just think about them for one second, before you hit ‘reply’ by asking yourself: what is the value of this e-mail to me?)
  3. Decide if you’re going to do something about what landed in your mail. If it is not contributing to your principles, ignore. If it is, commit to it
  4. Define what that something is that you’re going to do about it. Write that down on a to do list
  5. Then do it whenever convenient or necessary. And that is easy because you just committed to it

This procedure makes the difference between running around like a chicken with its head cut off going nowhere, and heading towards your goals and feeling satisfied about what you are doing in your work and in your life.

And it applies to more than just e-mail; anything that enters your bubble should be embraced for its added value, or kindly asked to leave if it’s just a distraction. Now you can see where you’re going, and you’ll find yourself heading there, too. Satisfied.







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