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Do you struggle and hurry early in the morning? Does getting dressed overwhelm you sometimes? Not quite a calm way to start a productive day! Do you have time for a proper breakfast? Excercise? Your daily review even? Getting ready in the morning is a breeze when you have a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe has very limited pieces that mix and match conveniently, whilst creating multiple looks for a variety of activities in your busy life.

My wardrobe issue

I don’t know about you, but my wardrobe held over 150 pieces and I never had anything to wear. Storing all these clothes took up a lot of space and getting dressed in the morning was overwhelming at times. But most annoying was the time I wasted on styling and getting dressed, because I do care about my looks.

Dressing with 33 pieces only

So about a year ago, I took on the Project 333 challenge. The rules are that you dress with 33 pieces or less for 3 months (one season). The 33 pieces include clothing, shoes, outerwear, jewelry and accesories. Home wear, underwear, workout wear and your wedding ring are not included. You box up and store what you’re not using that season. The rules, however, can be adjusted to your own taste, as long as the challenge helps you simplifying your wardrobe, and your life.

Making my selection of 33 items each season, feels like packing for a trip. I work out some looks and try to use versatile pieces to make a variety of styles. I now have something to wear every day, even with only 33 pieces to choose from. I have space on my clothes rack, I save time putting my outfits together and I feel at ease with what I wear.

Everything I write about, everything I teach my clients, the challenges that professionals face in their efforts to manage their time and work flow, boils down to the same thing: focus on what matters, get rid of the rest. And dressing with less just repesented all this complicated stuff in a simple metaphore.

Focus on what matters

The questions that get you unstuck whenever you need to choose for a priority, whether that is about something to do or something to store, is:

Do I need to have or do this? And if yes, why is it necessary?

(then listen to your answer and see if it makes sense)

Does this help me succeed in life? Or could I survive without having it or doing it?

In case of doubt, get rid of it. Only do something, only keep something, when you are sure it will add value to your life. You’ll gradually but surely get better at making those decisions, for your wardrobe, at home, and at work.

Your wardrobe and your life

Lots of people worldwide do Project 333 and share their experiences. If you think this is interesting, please join the community and share in the conversation! Dressing with less makes it easier to get rid of things, because without the risk (you just store what you don’t use), you’ll find out that you don’t need it after all. This Dress with Less course by Courtney Carver helped me kickstarting my capsule wardrobe. It is fun and inspiring.

So my files are clear and organised, my workspace is activity based, my furniture is minimalistic, and now I’ve got a capsule wardrobe, too. But the most important lesson I’ve learned again, is that saving time matters the world to me.

Would you take on this challenge? Please share your struggles and inspiration in the comments below:

Johanna Jansen

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    1. Angie
      June 19, 2015
      7:32 am #comment-1

      I admire what you do. I’m doing this project for the summer. If you want to check my preview, I posted tonight. I did the ConMarie method and purged a lot to make more space. I go check the rest of your blog as I find it very interesting.

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